yacht agency in albania
Immigration and custom’s formalities

Our agents who have vast knowledge in matters regarding Immigration & Port Authority clearance and Customs, will clear in and out of Albanian waters, all according to Albanian legislation. We have associates throughout the whole Albanian Riviera and they will be ready to assist you with everything. Azimuth Yacht & Shipping Agency acts as an authorized clearing agent, and we will be happy to support you while sailing on Albanian waters with everything else that makes for a wonderful experience.

yacht agency in albania

Azimuth Yacht & Shipping Agency provides the highest quality fuel at competitive rates. According to the Albanian legislation,  yachts (private or commercial) foreign flagged vessels are eligible for duty-free fueling. Those yachts that have already submitted an Albanian transit log, must clear out of Albanian waters within 24 hours of duty-free bunkering.

Note that before the bunkering process, we provide Captains and Chief Engineers with diesel oil samples.

yacht agency in albania
Port reservations

We do the port reservation for you. Everything is done according to Albanian legislation. You prepare to sail around, we make the port reservation.

Food & Beverage

Ready to provide you with the fresh and best food. We will help you choose among the best selection of food, wines, champagnes, non-alcoholic drinks and spirits, as well as the vast selection of our freshest products (fruit, vegetables, meat, etc). Your chef demands, we provide. To provide you with the best quality meat, we collaborate only with certified meat suppliers.

  • All fish & shellfish comes from our local waters, fresh and the best quality.
  • Our fruit & vegetables come from the local market, carefully selected.
  • All other products like coffee, frozen goods or bakery can be supplied immediately on request.
yacht agency in albania
Cleaning and household products

We makes sure to provide you household and cleaning products.

yacht agency in albania
Toiletries & interior consumables

All interior products you need, when you need them.

yacht agency in albania
Technical assistance and spare parts

Are you having trouble with certain equipment? Do you need spare parts? Worry not. Wes will be at your disposal, ready to provide quick solutions to every problem you may have. We do our best to provide you with technical assistance and spare parts. Also, we offer technical support like hydraulic repair, carpentry, welding and everything else you may need, 24/7.

yacht agency in albania
Itinerary planning

Thanks to our experienced team, we can provide you with the best and most relevant information in order to explore Albania. Our team of experts know the territory by heart, so you will get a personalized experience. Discover the dazzling beauties of the Ionian and Adriatic Sea.

yacht agency in albania
Fast financial and banking services

Whether you need cash in a foreign currency, transfer money or whatever banking service you may need, we provide. Everything is fast secure.

yacht agency in albania
Underwater Services

Cleaning, welding, repairs and everything else you may need. Our diving team is made up of experienced specialists in the respective fields.

yacht agency in albania
Dry cleaning and laundry

We offer you a fast and efficient laundry and dry cleaning service. We will pick up your clothes wherever you may be and they will return your clothes clean and tidy, within 24 hours.

yacht agency in albania
Courier Services and Freight Handling

We will deal with everything that has to do with courier services and freight handling. Courier service at your disposal, 24/7. Our service is fast and efficient.

yacht agency in albania
Day Workers

In addition to our other services, we have a team of day workers that will assists you whenever you may need something to be done on time.

yacht agency in albania
Upholstery cleaning

Carpet & upholstery experts will be happy to assist you with everything. The team listens closely to your requirements and finds the best solution.

yacht agency in albania
Medical assistance

We provide you with 24/7 medical assistance. Our team includes specialized doctors who will provide immediate medical assistance, wherever you may be.

yacht agency in albania
Hotel and restaurant reservations

Do you want to book a hotel or restaurant? While you enjoy the dazzling surroundings of the Ionian or Adriatic Sea, Azimuth Yacht & Shipping Agency will book the hotel or restaurant for you.

yacht agency in albania
Taxi and car rental

Azimuth Yacht & Shipping Agency is happy to assist you and your guests, whether you need to rent a car or a taxi. Fast and efficient service.